A little about us.

Dr. Richard Lester

Executive Director

Dr. Richard Lester is a the STI lead at the BCCDC and is the founder and chief medical lead for WelTel. Richard designed and lead the original RCT that showed that two-way SMS communication with patients could improve health outcomes (Lancet 2010). Richard is trained as an infectious disease physician, and completed a five year research fellowship in innate immunology in Kenya. Richard has been successful in acquiring grants at the highest level and honour including the PEPFAR/CDC, the NIH and Grand Challenges Canada. He is also engaged at the highest global level and has presented WelTel’s program and scale up plan to the W.H.O, the offices of the Global Health Coordinator (OGAC) in DC, the Economist Health Care in Africa conference, and many international mHealth summits and conferences.

Patrick Wan'goo

Lead Programmer

Patrick Gikaria Wangoo joined WelTel in 2012 and is the lead programmer in Kenya. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science form Kenyatta University and a Masters of Science in Mobile Telecommunications and Innovations development from Strathmore University Kenya. Patrick also has certification in mobile application development and worked at Safaricom as a mobile applications developer. Patrick has vast knowledge and experience in mobile applications development and deployment, as well as an intense passion for I.C.T and health services provision.

Board of Directors

Gabrielle Serafini DC


Gabrielle Serafini DC, lived and worked in Africa for over 13 years. She has extensive experience in fundraising, and was an assistant to the director during the conceptual and development phase of WolaNani, an HIV/AIDS organization in South Africa that tackled complex issues in the early days of the epidemic. Gabrielle also works in the healthcare field and has a holistic and comprehensive perspective around health of both individual and community.

Edwin Levy Ph.D


Edwin Levy Ph.D, served as a Senior Vice President of Corporate Development of QLT Inc. Mr. Levy oversaw the formation and management of QLT's strategic alliances, the commercialization of devices and intellectual property issues regarding QLT's portfolio of patents. He served as a Vice President of Corporate Development at QLT Inc. Ed led strategic planning and managed strategic alliances at QLT Inc., which he helped build into a global leader in biopharmaceuticals. He is VP and Treasurer of the Illahie Foundation which supports innovative social and environmental initiatives including program-related investments. He serves on the boards of the following organizations: the Neil Squire Foundation, the BC Civil Liberties Association, WelTel, and Oncolytics Biotech, and until recently, Pivot Foundation and Coast Social Enterprise Foundation. Ed is also adjunct professor at the W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics at the University of British Columbia and is part of a research team studying Intellectual Property and Policy relating to genomics.

Colin Brousson

Vice President

Colin Brousson is currently a partner in the Gowlings Vancouver office. He practices in restructuring and insolvency law, and advises clients on corporate reorganizations and other financial matters. He is the national leader of the firm’s ‘Restructuring and Insolvency Group’. He has an extensive record of representing major stakeholders in corporate restructuring engagements in various industries. He has been involved in the Western Canadian Paediatric AIDS Society, a charitable society which organizes camps and recreational activities for children affected by HIV. Colin also does pro-bono work for individuals living on Vancouver's downtown East side.