WelTel: A Lifeline

August 31, 2018

WelTel is currently implemented to support maternal and child outcomes in remote regions of Northern Kenya. Please consider contributing to the ongoing support of vulnerable women; for just $10 per year, one woman and her baby can be linked to care through the WelTel platform and get the life-saving treatment they need. WelTel: A Lifeline.

GCC Phase II Funding Release

March 5, 2014

WelTel and the African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) have partnered to secure a $2 million investment to improve patient care and expand the mobile health (mHealth) program across rural Kenya.

$1 million is coming from AMREF’s APHIAplus IMARISHA program; a five year USAID-funded project to transform the health status of the people of the northern arid lands of Kenya. Grand Challenges Canada, an organization funded by the Government of Canada that supports bold ideas with big impact in global health, is investing a matching million.

“The progress of the mHealth program is impressive and we are eager to see communities gain from the knowledge, skills and means to maintain their own health”, says Dr. Lennie Kyomuhangi, the Director of AMREF Kenya. “Mobile phone use and penetration in Kenya is by far the largest anywhere in the world. By using this interface to bring healthcare services within access to those in need, we are empowering communities to achieve lasting health change. This project has the potential to transform the lives of the people in Kenya’s northern and arid lands”.