Kenya’s Startup Boom

Local programmers and homegrown business models are helping to realize the vast promise of using phones to improve health care and save lives.

Phones like Hussein’s hold great potential to improve the way health services are delivered. One major study demonstrating as much was started five years ago by Richard Lester, a Canadian infectious-disease specialist. After arriving in Kenya for a research fellowship,… Read More

Mobile health: Hallelujah or bah humbug?

Is mobile the future of healthcare, or more hype than substance?

There is definitely a burgeoning mass of data from successful mHealth experiments showing it is possible to improve access to care and clinical quality while saving money. Unfortunately, little of that was presented at the conference, but one presentation by… Read More


The convergence of mobile telephony and health care is under way

BILL GATES seems to relish being the skunk at the garden party. The former boss of Microsoft, now a global-health philanthropist, was invited to address a big “m-health” conference in Washington, DC, this week. Some 2,400 proponents of delivering health… Read More


#5: Cell phones continue to change how Africans live.

The devices have proven to be invaluable: health-care workers use cell phones to track and monitor pregnant women in rural Rwanda (where the number of maternal deaths is high) and H.I.V. patients in Kenya, and Kenya’s mobile banking system, which… Read More

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