Evidence-based Digitally Supported Patient Care
and Outreach Built for Scale

About WelTel

WelTel is at the forefront of mHealth reform, redefining the way healthcare professionals operate. Providing a digital health outreach tool that offers best evidence-based value for patient care, inclusive of all socioeconomic strata globally. Our vision is to provide the WelTel model of mHealth support to clinical care settings globally -

while always striving to reach and include the most remote and vulnerable populations. Our progress has been prominently featured by many major news outlets, on television, radio, and in print. As a result of our research and publications, a number of mHealth innovations have emerged.

WelTel's Services

WelTel International

Our not for profit organization, is one of the first and leading evidence-based digital outreach programs to show improved health outcomes among patients in urban and rural Africa. Visit Weltel International to learn more about how we are improving health care in difficult to reach communities.

WelTel Health

The world’s first evidence based Digital Health Outreach Software as a Service (SaaS). Weltel helps expedite interaction between patients and their healthcare providers. WelTel’s elegant solution embraces the farthest reaching technologies, including SMS. We can connect people to individualized care, when they need it.


In Kenya: “Before I used WelTel, I felt life wasn’t worth living. Now I feel that someone cares and I am not alone.”

In Canada: “(WelTel was) very helpful for me…Well sometimes I feel really alone, so it made me not feel so alone.”